Top 5 Benefits of using Laura Pratt as your Travel Advisor

1. The Savings & Stress Relief: On average travel agents save clients four hours worth of planning time and $452.00 per trip. Neither Laura’s clients nor their trips are average. Laura usually spends 10-20 hours planning a trip down to the dinner reservations. A 10-day multiple destination trip to Europe could take over 30 hours to plan to make sure it’s packed full of brag-worthy experiences you’ll be talking about for years!

2. Industry Knowledge & Connections: Laura is backed by the Virtuoso® network, the largest travel consortium in the world ($26 billion in annual sales). Not only does that name carry a lot of weight in the travel industry, it creates a direct pipeline to a real person at every travel supplier (hotel, tour operator, cruise line, etc.) who is eager to make sure Laura and her clients are happy. So I can say with confidence that your experience will be wonderful or they will make it right!

3. The Perks & Extras: When Laura books your Virtuoso hotel you can expect (for no extra cost): guaranteed free breakfast every morning, guaranteed resort credit (usually $100) to use during your stay, and when available: Early check-in, late- checkout, and room upgrades. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality. Ask her, “is this possible?” and she will check, because almost everything in this industry has a price and Laura love the challenge of pulling off unique requests and transformative experiences.

4. Efficiency & Technology: Laura makes sure her clients skip the lines and avoid the crowds whenever possible, whether that’s VIP airport concierge services, private tours of iconic attractions, and off-hours museum tours with private guides. All of Laura’s clients download her trip plans app that allows them to locate of their trip documents in one place. It even updates flight times as they change and includes her bonus restaurant, shopping, and sightseeing recs. She encourages all of her clients to feel comfortable texting her like they would a friend whenever they have a travel need and she responds promptly. 

5. Privacy & Trust: Laura works hard to keep her clients’ personal information completely confidential. The more a client is able to share about what is important to them, the better she can tailor a vacation to their specific needs. Laura encourages all of her concierge clients to feel comfortable texting her like they would a friend whenever they have a travel need and she makes it a point to respond promptly. 

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